With impending rain forecast for Saturday evening into Sunday, this could add to the weight of existing snow loads and add to potential collapse, cause ice dams, and lead to water penetration of roof systems.

The resources below can help you take precautionary steps to prevent or minimize damage to your home or business.

Snow Loading and Roof Collapse
Winter Roof Danger: Ice Dams
Tips for Removing Ice Dams
Roof Snow Removal Tips

If you suspect damage has occurred as a result of an ice dam or excessive snow build up on your roof, contact the McSweeney & Ricci Claims Department as soon as possible.

Our claims professionals can provide you with tips for preventing further damage.

If you’ve already contacted a licensed and insured contractor to help with emergency repairs, be sure to document any expenses so they can be considered for reimbursement.

Feel free to contact us with any and all questions you may have.Please take care and stay safe!

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