Attention Snow Removal Contractors-Your Help Is Needed

As a snow removal contractor in the state of Massachusetts, you may have already received information regarding Bill S.1249. Your assistance is needed to help ensure this legislation passes.

What’s Happening?

On September 28th at 10:30 AM the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development will be holding a hearing on bills related to workers’ compensation. Included in that docket is S.1249 an Act Relative to Snow Removal Service Liability Limitation.

What is the Issue?

Using hold harmless agreements with indemnification provisions, property owners (or general contractors) can push liability for any slips and falls occurring on their property onto the snow removal contractors.  Subcontractors are forced to assume liability in addition to being restricted from plowing in certain conditions.

Increased lawsuits throughout the last decade, have led many insurance companies to exit the snowplow market resulting in less competition and increased premiums.

What are the Benefits If S.1249 Legislation Passes?

  • Establishes clear and fair lines for the assumption of liability regarding injury claims
  • Protects local snow removal contractors from exorbitant insurance premiums
  • Ensures Massachusetts citizens will have safe and appropriately cleared surfaces in winter
  • Promotes a level playing field and sustainable, competitive insurance practices
  • Nationally, there are 30,000 snow and ice related slip and fall claims each year: 35% are frivolous, 72% of the rest are lost or settled for $20,000 or less, which makes for a very challenging environment.

Snow Removal Contractor


What Can I Do?

You can help make a difference to ensure this snow season is better for snow removal contractors and small businesses such as yours! Urgent action is needed.


Prior to September 27th write a letter showing support of S.1249 and email it to:

Subject Line should read: SUPPORT S.1249 An Act Relative to Snow Removal Service Liability


**The following is a template that you may wish to follow, but please ATTACH your letter as a document to your email (DO NOT submit letter in the body of the email). **


The Honorable Josh S. Cutler, House Chair

The Honorable Patricia D. Jehlen, Senate Chair

Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development

Boston State House

24 Beacon Street, Room 424

Boston, MA  02133


Dear Chair Cutler and Jehlen and Members of the Committee:

I am writing today in strong support of S. 1249, An Act Relative to Snow Removal Service Liability Limitation. My name is (name) and I own/operate (your business) which provides landscape and snow and ice management service to a variety of commercial and residential customers in (geographic location). We have been in business for _____ years and have _______ seasonal and year-round employees.

Referencing the benefits/bulleted items listed above, include a brief summary of why this legislation is important to your business.

Your Signature


Our blog Snowplow Insurance in Massachusetts: Snow Removal and Business Liability may help shed additional light on the situation faced by snowplow removal businesses such as yours.


Let us help protect your snow removal contracting company. Contact Risk Advisor, Kyle Carrigan at (844) 501-1359 or email or submit for a complimentary business insurance quote on our website.

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