Auto Insurance in Norfolk, Massachusetts

Like the rest of Massachusetts, Norfolk drivers are required to carry a minimum level of auto insurance coverage. However, in order to ensure that you and your passengers are fully protected, McSweeney & Ricci recommends drivers carry insurance coverage above the bare bones minimum. Additional coverage can be added to your insurance program to include roadside assistance services, like tire changes and tows, even access to a rental car when your vehicle in the shop due to a collision or accident. . McSweeney and Ricci can help pair Norfolk drivers with auto insurance suited to their specific needs and lifestyle. Call Us Today At 844-501-1359.

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Auto Insurance in Norfolk, Massachusetts adheres to the state mandated minimum limit of monetary compensation (coverage) per person and per accident in four categories:

  • img-descriptionBodily Injury to Others,
  • img-descriptionPersonal Injury Protection (PIP),
  • img-descriptionBodily Injury Caused by an Uninsured Auto, and
  • img-descriptionDamage to Someone Else’s Property
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In the state of Massachusetts, minimum coverage requirements include: bodily injury to others, personal injury protection, bodily injury caused by an uninsured auto and damage to someone else’s property. Slick wintry conditions and traffic on Route115 and Route 1A during Patriots season can create a scenario ripe for accidents. Therefore we recommend adding collision coverage to your Norfolk, Massachusetts auto insurance package. Collision coverage protects your vehicle against damages you cause to it by hitting other vehicles or objects. This protection covers you if you are at fault in an accident. Collision coverage added to your auto insurance in Norfolk, Massachusetts allows you peace of mind from the financial repercussions of fender benders. Similarly, medical payments coverage is available to protect you and your passengers from bodily injury if you are at fault. Comprehensive coverage is also recommended as this component can protect you from theft and vandalism.

Adding Rental Coverage to your car insurance policy allows you access to a vehicle when your car is in the shop due to a collision or accident. Drivers who own older vehicles may want to add road-side assistance to their auto insurance in Norfolk, Massachusetts as well. This coverage can provide anything from tows to tire-changes.

At McSweeney and Ricci, we’re always looking for ways to save our clients money without sacrificing coverage. Bundling car and home or apartment insurance is one way to save money on your insurance. McSweeney & Ricci, will select the coverage options that are suited to your unique needs, while providing you with the exceptional service you deserve. Get started today by calling 844.501.1359 or use the contact form on this page.

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