Auto Insurance in Pembroke, Massachusetts

Driving in Pembroke can be dangerous (especially where Route 14 meets Route 36)! When an unfortunate accident occurs, it’s comforting to know you’re properly covered with auto insurance through McSweeney & Ricci Insurance. Your Pembroke, Massachusetts auto insurance policy should be tailored to your specific needs and budget. Have Questions? Call Us Today At 1-844-501-1359

If you find yourself in a car accident that you caused, liability coverage will shield you from some or all of the cost of damages, both bodily and to the vehicle. Liability can include medical costs, should the other driver or his/her passengers be injured.

Comprehensive coverage options are available to fill in gaps of coverage within your insurance plan. Hitting or being hit by a deer or other wild animal is one such event that can be covered. New England weather may be at fault for damage to your car, but Mother Nature isn’t paying. Weather-related damages can be included in some comprehensive coverage plans.

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You should consider collision coverage when shopping for Auto Insurance in Pembroke, Massachusetts. The insurance experts at McSweeney & Ricci will select an insurance policy suited to your individual auto insurance needs. To discuss the types of accidents that are covered and the level of compensation awarded, contact a McSweeney & Ricci Account Manager, to help answer all of your auto insurance questions. Call Us Today At 1-844-501-1359Our goal at McSweeney & Ricci Insurance is always to ensure our clients have the most complete auto insurance protection at competitive prices, while receiving the extraordinary personal service they deserve.

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