Specialty Programs

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Specialty Business Insurance Programs

Custom business insurance solutions to protect your company and mitigate risk

We understand your operations and take the time to stay current on the important issues that affect you, your business, and your industry. With comprehensive insurance protection, you can rest assured your business is protected in every way.

Specialty Programs

Coverage as unique as your business

One size does not fit all when it comes to business insurance. Each business has unique needs that must be addressed with specifically tailored insurance coverage.

We work with you to design an insurance program suited to your needs. Our business insurance team will provide support while only recommending the coverages you actually need.

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At McSweeney & Ricci, we offer special insurance programs for a wide array of industries:

Condominium Complexes

Condominium Trusts and Associations need a Master Condo Insurance Policy to protect both the buildings and the liability of the Association. We partner with you, to answer all your insurance questions and guide you towards the decisions that are best for you, and your unit owners.

General Contractors

From on-the-job injuries, weather-related business interruption, to stolen equipment, electrical fires, and equipment breakdown, Contractors face innumerable risks every day.  We help our clients identify and mitigate risk.


No matter what line of manufacturing you’re in, we can help safeguard your business. We help our clients identify and mitigate risk due to machinery and equipment breakdown, product recalls, spoilage and more.


Masonry Contractors face risk of injury from hazardous equipment, unsafe working conditions, and even the risk of working with hazardous materials such as asbestos. Our custom insurance program is designed to protect your business and also your bottom line. 


We understand that manageable costs and flexibilty are important. With our skill set and expertise, we partner with you from seed stage to scale. Rely on us to protect your business in the present and grow with you into the future.


McSweeney & Ricci has an in-depth understanding of inventory, distribution and the seasonal realities of your business.

Healthcare Providers

The risks faced by those in the healthcare industry are numerous. We leverage our partnership with Hanover Insurance, to protect small businesses involved in Diagnostic Imaging, Medical Assistance, Optometry, Pharmacy, Lab Technician, Paramedics, Dietitians, Radiation or Respiratory Therapy.



Our arborist program that offers the most complete protection for your business, including Herbicide/Pesticide Coverage, Contractor Equipment Coverage and more.

Breweries and Distilleries

Like you, we’ve crafted something special. We’re brewing up customized protection, suited to your unique needs at prices you can afford. With special coverage for things like seasonal increases, leakage, Spoilage and contamination and more, your business is covered for the unexpected.



We offer customized coverage suited to your unique needs as a Concrete professional. Our business insurance experts will work with you to design an insurance program with coverage as solid as the jobs you complete, at competitive prices.

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Demolition Contractors

Your crews face hazardous situations on a daily basis, and it’s your job to make sure you safeguard your employees and the public from that risk as much as possible. We begin with a full assessment of your risk exposure. Next we work with you to design an insurance program to mitigate risk and help grow your business.


Electrical Contractors

In your profession, you face risk each work day. We’re the right connection for your business, as we’ve helped Electrical Contractors safeguard their businesses for over fifty years. The types of coverage we offer include: Commercial Property & Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Business Interruption Insurance and more.


Fire Alarm / Sprinkler

We’ve worked with Fire Alarm and Sprinkler fabricators, installers and repairmen, for over fifty years. Through the numerous top insurance carriers we represent we’re able to offer your business complete coverage to protect your day-to-day operations at competitive rates you can afford.

close up of worker unrolling sod


Landscape contractors and nurserymen have a variety of risk exposures that must be addressed with specifically tailored insurance coverage. As active members of the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals (MLP), we know the ins and outs of your business and how best to protect it.


Office Furniture

As a provider of furniture, you know the importance of saving money while receiving extra value for your dollar. Working with McSweeney & Ricci means you’ll receive comprehensive, tailor-made coverage but also could mean a chance to trim costs while increasing your coverage. The numerous top-rated companies we represent allow us to create an insurance program best suited to your needs at a price you can afford.

hand tightening valve as part of a radient heat system

Plumbing & Heating

Our expertise involves working with Plumbing and Heating contractors for over fifty years. With all the risks you are exposed to on the job, you need the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have complete insurance protection.

worker nailing down shingles as part of a new roof installation


We help Roofers stay on top of their business, with complete insurance protection at competitive rates. We understand your unique needs as a Roofing professional and keep informed of the issues affecting your business.

gloved hands picking a fish out of crate of fresh caught fish

Seafood Processors

We’ve packaged up an insurance program tailored to your unique needs, with special coverages you can choose from including Spoilage and Transit coverage, Business Personal Property including Off-Premises coverage, Business Income and Extra Expense and more.

worker lowering hose into a an open septic tank cover


We understand your business and the issues affecting it. We’re business insurance experts and have provided Septic Industry Professionals with customized coverage for over fifty years. Work with us to protect and grow your business.

large roll of sheet metal entering a machine for cutting

Sheet Metal

With the pressures and risk you face on the job, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you’re fully protected. With the McSweeney & Ricci team in your corner, you’ll have complete coverage ideally suited to your unique business needs.

commerical bakery kitchen with racks of fresh baked bread


We put our insurance programs together just as carefully as you prepare your bakery products. The types of coverage we offer include: Food Spoilage, Commercial Property & Liability, Products Liability and more.  

BioTech/Life Science

Your Industry is constantly evolving, with new technology and innovation, your exposure to risk may change. You require broad insurance coverage with the flexibility to change with your evolving risk. We know your business and the issues affecting it and will design a program suited to your unique needs.



We understand your unique needs as we have worked with carpet companies for over 50 years. . Our comprehensive coverage protects the investment you have made in your business while our competitive prices protect your bottom line.  


Liquor Stores

From product loss to extra liability, we understand the Liquor industry. We will provide you with complete coverage that can include: Commercial Property and General Liability, Liquor Liability, Equipment Breakdown Coverage and more.  

Woman pointing to items in a glass case at a museum


Fine art and artifacts are irreplaceable pieces of history. As a museum owner, you need complete protection to keep your risks at a minimum and keep your business and artwork safe.

painter kneeling on scaffolding, holding a paint bucket and paiting window trim


Working with ladders and scaffolding, painting clients’ homes and businesses, your work environment involves a variety of risks that require tailored insurance coverage. We understand your risks and will design an insurance program to help protect and grow your business.

chef garnishing a plate, fresh product in the foreground


Catered to your needs as a restaurant owner, our insurance program provides you with a full menu of choices. Through the numerous insurance companies we represent, we can offer your business a broad range of comprehensive coverage, that’s flexible enough to grow and change with your business.

close up on wood being cut on a table saw


We have a thorough understanding of the Woodworking industry and your needs as a woodworker. Backed by numerous top insurance companies, we offer custom tailored coverage and flexible payment options. We’ll keep you covered from all angles with expertise you can depend and rely on.