Car Insurance in Scituate, Massachusetts

car insurance in Scituate, Massachusetts

Car Insurance in Scituate, Massachusetts

The historic, seaside town of Scituate, Massachusetts draws visitors from all over New England. Whether tourists come to Scituate for the beautiful beaches, to visit “The Spit” or Minot’s Light, for festivals like Heritage Days, or to experience the Scituate St. Patrick’s Day Parade, there’s no shortage of traffic in and out of the town. Quality auto insurance is a must have for any Scituate resident. McSweeney & Ricci Insurance understands the needs of local drivers and can help select the proper levels of car insurance at the best possible prices. Have Questions? Call Us Today At 1-844-501-1359

The right Scituate car insurance coverage made easy, fast and affordable.

Auto Insurance in Scituate, Massachusetts adheres to the state mandated minimum limit of monetary compensation (coverage) per person and per accident in four categories:

  • img-descriptionBodily Injury to Others,
  • img-descriptionPersonal Injury Protection (PIP),
  • img-descriptionBodily Injury Caused by an Uninsured Auto, and
  • img-descriptionDamage to Someone Else’s Property

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Like all Massachusetts drivers, Scituate drivers are legally required to have car insurance with a minimum level of the following protections: bodily injury to others, personal injury, bodily injury caused by an uninsured auto and damage to someone else’s property. Increased summer traffic and icy and snowy roads in winter, can create hazardous driving situations. Therefore, McSweeney & Ricci recommends purchasing coverage above what’s required to ensure you’re fully protected while on the roads. Drivers should consider adding Collision insurance coverage, to protect themselves from repair or replacement costs if their vehicles get damaged in a crash.

Another popular insurance coverage that Scituate drivers should consider is comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage protects insureds from damages to their vehicle caused by non-crash related occurrences, such as fire or flood.

One of the largest insurance agencies in the South Shore, McSweeney & Ricci knows the unique insurance risks faced by Scituate drivers and will provide complete insurance protection at competitive rates. We make sure you receive all the discounts and credits you may be entitled to such as a safe driver credit, a good student or low mileage discount or a discount for becoming an e-customer. Call 1-844-501-1359 or complete the form on this page to send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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