COVID-19 Impact on Registry of Motor Vehicles Transactions in Massachusetts

Has the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) Been Impacted by COVID-19?

As businesses and schools remain closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), has also taken steps to reduce facility volume. Drivers requiring a registry transaction are urged not to visit the Registry.  There are many options still available to Mass drivers needing registry services and McSweeney & Ricci is doing everything we can to help clients when possible.  The Registry of Motor Vehicles offers over forty transactions that can be conveniently completed online and many deadlines have been extended to allow drivers to postpone until after the state of emergency has ended.

At this time, the only in-person transactions that can be completed at the Registry’s Service Centers are:

  • those that support an “essential service” AND
  • transactions that cannot be completed online.

Is the Registry of Motor Vehicles Open?

Yes, there are 8 open RMV Service Locations in Massachusetts. However, these locations are open ONLY for “essential transactions,” “by appointment” and for transactions that cannot be completed online.

Since March 27th, the RMV has enforced a strict no walk-in policy at its open Service Centers. Appointments for essential transactions, must be made online prior to visiting an RMV location, at www.Mass.Gov/RMV

The Registry’s reservation system for appointments is currently booking 7 business days in advance with limited availability. If there are no appointments available, the Registry encourages customers to continue to check back, as new appointment slots become available daily. The Registry also asks for your patience as they do their best to provide service to customers.

In the interest of safety, the RMV requests customers visiting Service Centers for scheduled reservations, to wear face coverings.

Please note: If you arrive for a reservation and it is unclear if your transaction supports an “essential service,” RMV Management reserves the right to refuse to process the transaction.

Open RMV Service Centers Include:



Fall River






The RMV Service Centers located in Milford and Wilmington remain open exclusively for walk-in commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) and commercial permits (CLPs). CDL Road Tests continue to be performed at these locations.

What Qualifies as an “Essential” Transaction?

Examples of “essential” transactions include:

  • Obtaining a commercial driver’s license or commercial learner’s permit to assist with the supply chain during the State of Emergency declaration,
  • Registering a newly purchased vehicle as your primary mode of transportation for employment or obtaining medication and other necessary treatments, and
  • Transferring your license or registration from another state for residency requirements.

What is a “Non-Essential” Transaction?

Examples of “non-essential” transactions include:

  • registering a motorcycle as a secondary mode of transportation,
  • obtaining a REAL ID (unless part of a new Mass ID issuance or an out of state transfer of a driver’s license/ID)
  •  registering a boat, camper or utility trailer for recreation purposes.

Which RMV Transactions Can McSweeney & Ricci Perform for Clients?

For your convenience, McSweeney & Ricci offers Registry Services in our offices. For the safety of the community, during the COVID-19 crisis, all our offices are closed to the public. However, with a scheduled appointment, we can handle the following Registry transactions:

  • Issuance of New License Plates and Decals for the Following Plate Types:
    • PAN (Passenger Normal)
    • CON (Commercial Normal)
    • TRN (Trailer Normal)-Over 3,000 Gross Vehicle Weight
    • MCN (Motorcycle Normal)
  • Transfering Plates Between Vehicles

To Schedule an appointment with McSweeney & Ricci for one of the RMV Transactions above call (844)501-1359 or email us.

Which Transactions Must be Handled Directly by the Registry (Cannot be Processed by McSweeney & Ricci):

  • Re-Registering a previously Registered/Titled Vehicle
  • New plates for Trailers 3,000 Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) or less
  • New Camper Plates
  • New Semi Trailer Plates
  • New Vehicle with Sales Price in Excess of $99,999

Can McSweeney & Ricci Process “Non-Essential” Registry of Motor Vehicles Transactions for Me?

For the convenience of our clients, McSweeney & Ricci can process “non-essential” transactions through our runner but unfortunately, due to the extended wait times at the Registry, resulting from the COVID-19 Crisis, we are not able to provide clients with a turn-around time for these services. We understand it may be frustrating dealing with longer than normal transaction times and assure you, we will do everything in our power to expedite the process whenever possible.

Which Transaction Deadlines Have Been Extended due to COVID-19?

Most License plates, vehicle registrations, inspection stickers, suspension hearings, expirations and cancellations that expired in March or April or will be expiring in May, have been deferred at least 60 days and will now expire in either June or July.

For a full list of updated expiration dates or RMV policies please visit the Registry’s COVID-19 Information page.

My Question Is Not Covered by this Blog:

Your McSweeney & Ricci Account Manager is available to answer any questions you may have about Registry transactions and procedures during the coronavirus pandemic. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Ways to Reach McSweeney & Ricci:

We’re committed to Keeping You Informed and will continue to provide updates as they become available.

We will get through this together!



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