COVID-19 Update on Registry of Motor Vehicles Transactions in Massachusetts

The Impact of COVID-19 on Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) Transactions

In order to reduce facility volume, since March 27th the Registry of Motor Vehicles has enforced a “no walk-in” policy at any of their open Service Center locations in Massachusetts. The RMV is accepting appointments for “necessary” and any required “in-person” transactions that can’t be completed online, by phone or by mail.  As a result, reservations for appointments may be difficult to obtain. For your convenience, we are providing an update on Registry of Motor Vehicles Transactions during the COVID-19 crisis and answers to many frequently asked questions here in our blog.

Does McSweeney & Ricci offer Registry Services in their offices?

Yes! For your convenience, McSweeney & Ricci offers Registry Services in each of our offices in Braintree, Marshfield and Cohasset, Massachusetts.

Which Registry of Motor Vehicles Transactions Can McSweeney & Ricci Perform?

McSweeney & Ricci offices are closed to the public (for the safety of the community). However, with a scheduled appointment, we can handle the following Registry transactions:

  • Issuance of New License Plates and Decals for the Following Plate Types:

    • PAN (Passenger Normal)
    • CON (Commercial Normal)
    • TRN (Trailer Normal)-Over 3,000 Gross Vehicle Weight
    • MCN (Motorcycle Normal)
  • Transferring Plates Between Vehicles

How Long Will It Take for McSweeney & Ricci to Process My Registry Transaction?

McSweeney & Ricci processes “non-essential” Registry transactions through our runner service but unfortunately, due to the extended wait times at the Registry, the turn-around time for these services may not be as prompt. Your Account Manager can discuss your particular transaction with you and will provide you with an estimated turn around time. Rest assured, we will attempt to expedite the process whenever possible.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment with a McSweeney & Ricci Account Manager:

It’s quick and easy to schedule an appointment with a McSweeney & Ricci Account Manager to handle one of the RMV transactions listed above. Here’s how:

Do I have to be a McSweeney & Ricci Client to have them handle my Registry transaction?

Yes, You do need to be a McSweeney & Ricci client to have one of our helpful agents complete your Registry transaction.

But really why wouldn’t you want to be a client? With over 50 years of experience, over 20 different top insurance companies to choose from, competitive pricing, personalized service, and an in-house claims department there’s really no reason not to become a client. We offer complete insurance services including home, auto, boat, business and even life insurance. So we’re your local one-stop insurance stop and we’re here to help answer any and all insurance questions and partner with you for the long term. Sounds great doesn’t it?

Is the Registry of Motor Vehicles Open?

Yes, there are many Registry of Motor Vehicles Service Center locations open however:

  • There are no walk-ins. Reservations are required and can only be obtained for:
    • Necessary and
    • Required in-person transactions (those that cannot be completed online, by phone, or by mail).

Please note: The Registry’s Reservation system for appointments is currently booking 10 business days in advance for many locations with limited availability. Continue to check back if there are no appointments available. The RMV asks for your patience as they do their best to provide service to customers.

How Do I Make an Appointment to Complete a Registry of Motor Vehicles Transaction?

  • Before making an appointment at the Registry, check to see if your transaction is one of the over 40 transactions that can be completed online by clicking here.
  • If your transaction cannot be completed online, you can make a reservation for a Registry appointment by clicking here.

Open RMV Service Centers:

Which Transactions Must Be Handled by the Registry of Motor Vehicles?

(Cannot be processed by McSweeney & Ricci)

  • Re-Registering a previously Registered/Titled Vehicle
  • New plates for Trailers 3,000 Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) or less
  • New Camper Plates
  • New Semi Trailer Plates
  • New Vehicle with Sales Price in Excess of $99,999

auto registration renewals and reactivations

Frequently Asked Registry Questions:

I Am A Senior and Need to Renew My Drivers’ License. What Should I do?

Massachusetts law requires drivers who are 75 years of age or older to renew in person at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. For the safety and convenience of senior drivers, the RMV has dedicated Wednesdays in October, November, and December at certain RMV Service Centers  to anyone 74 years of age or older to renew with an appointment.

Below are the options  for Massachusetts Senior Drivers to make an appointment:

  • If you are a AAA member, you may make a reservation now to renew your driver’s license/ID at a AAA location. Visit to schedule your visit.
  • If you are not a AAA member, visit Mass.Gov/RMV to make a reservation to renew at an RMV Service Center.
    • Select Make/Cancel a Reservation from the Homepage and Select Seniors License Renewal from the drop down Transaction list.

I Have Made an Appointment With the Registry of Motor Vehicles, What Should I Know Before I Go?

  • Arrive on Time & Prepared-Customers are advised to arrive on time and be prepared with any needed documentation including the email you received confirming your appointment.
  • Your Friends and Family Have to Wait Outside- Only customers with an appointment are allowed inside the RMV Service Centers. The only exception to this rule is for Learner’s Permit applicants who are allowed a parent/guardian to accompany them.
  • Wear a Mask- For the safety of customers and Registry employees, all RMV customers must wear face coverings when visiting a Service Center for their scheduled reservation.
  • RMV Practices Social Distancing: The Registry of Motor Vehicles practices ‘social-distancing’ at all their open Service Centers. Please be advised, that even though you have a scheduled appointment, only a certain number of customers will be allowed inside the service center at a time. Please be patient.

Registry of Motor Vehicles Transactions


I Purchased a Vehicle in Massachusetts, How Can I Register It?

Before you can legally drive in Massachusetts you must register your vehicle with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The steps you’ll need to take to register your car vary depending on whether your vehicle was bought from a dealer, or purchased/gifted/transferred from a private party. A McSweeney & Ricci Account Manager can advise you of the necessary steps to register your vehicle and may be able to process the registration for you.

Do I Have Longer Than the Date on My Registration To Renew Due To COVID?

Many expiration dates for License plates, vehicle registrations, inspection stickers, suspension hearings, and cancellations that expired after March have been extended.

  • CLICK HERE to access the Registry of Motor Vehicles Extension Chart

For more information on expiration dates, RMV policies, or vehicle registrations, visit the Registry’s COVID-19 Information page.

Have Questions Not Covered By Our Blog?

We are happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding Registry of Motor Vehicles Transactions and procedures. Please feel free to contact us!

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