Do You Have the Correct Plates on Your Vehicle?

Trucks, SUV’s and cars, whether owned by an individual or by a corporation, with any form of signage, need to have commercial plates.

If you have signage on your vehicle including:

  • a full wrap of graphics
  • removable magnetic lettering, or
  • a removable magnetic sign

you are required to have commercial license plates on your vehicle.

You may also need commercial plates if your vehicle exceeds personal gross weight limits. Even if you own a large truck for personal use, at a certain weight, it requires commercial plates.

Here at McSweeney & Ricci we have employee-owned vehicles wrapped with our logo and colorful graphics. These vehicles are owned personally, but are required to be registered commercially.

Massachusetts laws mandate your vehicle be properly registered.

Please contact your McSweeney & Ricci Account Manager and let them know if your vehicle has signage.

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