Flood Insurance Cohasset Massachusetts


Flood Insurance in Cohasset, Massachusetts

A little water never hurt anyone – but a flood can devastate a home or business. Because of the inherent risks associated with living on the South Shore, we recommend local homeowners, renters and business owners purchase Flood Insurance in Cohasset, Massachusetts. Nor’ Easters, Hurricanes, irrigation mishaps and heavy rainfall can leave a normally dry area of land submerged in water. This is known as flooding; the results of which can leave homes uninhabitable, businesses unusable, and possessions destroyed. Flood Insurance policies are available to protect individuals and entities from such devastation.

If a flash flood left your home, apartment or business unusable what would you do, where would you stay, and how would you pay for it all? Comparable to the destruction of fire, flood can destroy literally everything one owns. Flood Insurance policies exist to protect policy holders from the liability associated with the ravage of flood.

If your home or business lies in what the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) designates as a ‘high-risk’ zone for flood, you are required to have Flood Insurance in Cohasset, Massachusetts. Generally, the label ‘High-risk’ is attributed to zones of land that have a calculated risk of 25% or more that they will encounter a flood within a 30 year period. Though minimum level of protection is required by the federal government, additional protection is available and highly recommended.

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Floods can happen anywhere and to anyone. Over one fifth of flood insurance claims made to the National Flood Insurance Program are made by people located in zones not denoted as ‘high-risk’. Though not required, renters, homeowners, and business owners who aren’t located in ‘high-risk’ areas should still purchase Flood Insurance in Cohasset, Massachusetts to protect their investment.

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