Home Insurance in Braintree, Massachusetts


Homeowners Insurance in Braintree, Massachusetts

Save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance with McSweeney & Ricci.

Preparedness is second nature to residents of Braintree, Massachusetts. While precautionary measures such as securing outdoor furniture before a Nor’ Easter, or running water to prevent frozen pipes, help protect your home, obtaining the best Homeowners Insurance coverage may be the best prevention. As one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Massachusetts, McSweeney & Ricci has provided comprehensive homeowners insurance coverage in Braintree, Massachusetts for over fifty years.

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Take advantage of generous discounts you may be entitled to! We’ll make sure you receive all available credits and discounts such as:

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  • img-descriptionLoss-free credits and account credit
  • img-descriptionNew or first time homebuyer discount

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The value of Homeowners insurance can’t be boiled down to it’s sticker price. You didn’t purchase your home solely on the basis of price and similar consideration should be taken when shopping for Homeowners Insurance in Braintree, Massachusetts.

For comprehensive and competitively priced, Homeowners Insurance in Braintree, Massachusetts call McSweeney & Ricci Insurance. Your local McSweeney & Ricci office is conveniently located at 420 Washington Street in Braintree, MA and can be reached by calling 1-844-501-1359.

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