Could you remember 100% of what you own if disaster struck, and devastated your home?

Recent severe storms have ravaged parts of our country. In the event of a disaster, few people are able to provide documentation to be fully compensated for thier loss. In fact, statistics show that people will forget 20% of their personal possessions, when reporting a claim following a disaster.
A home inventory provides the necessary tools to maximize an insurance claim after loss. Yet 80% of Americans haven’t created a home inventory.It’s virtually impossible to remember every item you owned after a loss, and each item forgotten, is money you will never collect on your claim.

It is extremely important to properly document your possessions:

  • Insurance Companies may require proof of ownership in order to process a claim.
  • Looting sometimes occurs after disaster has struck. Properly documenting your possessions will aid in the recovery process of retrieving stolen property.

You may regard creating a home inventory a daunting, time-consuming task to be put off for another day. However, one additional day could spell disaster. To simplify the process, we’ve provided a free home inventory checklist to help you document your possessions.

An additional resource is the Know Your Stuff Home Inventory Application available for iPhone and Android users. Provided by the Insurance Information Institute, this free application makes creating a home inventory easy and efficient.

As always,your McSweeney & Ricci Account Manager is available to assist you with any questions you may have on creating your own home inventory and making sure your possessions are insured to value.

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