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Homeowners Insurance in Duxbury, Massachusetts

Bundling your home and car insurance policies together with the same company can save you up to 20% on your Duxbury homeowners insurance.

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Duxbury is a picturesque, seaside town, thirty-five miles south of Boston. Boasting one of the most beautiful beaches in Massachusetts (Duxbury Beach), historic sites such as the Alden House and delicious destinations such as the Island Creek Oyster Farm, Duxbury is a great place to live and work.

McSweeney & Ricci has options for homeowners living in coastal communities, like Duxbury. By leveraging our partnerships with top-rated insurance companies, we are able to offer multiple quotes in minutes and provide personalized coverage at competitive rates. Your Duxbury home is one of your biggest assets and you need to protect your investment with the proper amount of homeowners insurance. We can provide you with essential coverages such as personal property, liability and loss of use and will get you all the discounts and credits you may be entitled to.

We offer conveniences such as in-house registry services, and an in-house claims department to assist you if you do experience a loss. We’re your local insurance agency and we know the issues affecting Duxbury. We’ve been providing complete insurance protection to our neighbors in Duxbury, Massachusetts for over fifty years.

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