New Registration Renewal Procedures for Fleet Vehicles

Now is Peak Time for Fleet Vehicle Registration Renewals. Comply with

new procedures to avoid rejection.

New procedures are in effect for registration renewals that impact business fleets.

To ensure the timely processing of your commercial vehicle registration renewals, it is important that the following instructions are followed.

Application for Renewal (RMV-2) Form

If you received an Application for Renewal (RMV-2) Form in the mail, please use this original form to complete your fleet registration renewal.

You have the choice of submitting your RMV-2 Form by MAIL or you can choose to DROP-OFF the completed form at Registry Headquarters.

Mailing Instructions for RMV-2

To avoid a delay in processing your renewal, only mail the original RMV-2 Application Form. If you provide a pre-paid envelope, the Registry of Motor Vehicles will mail all registration and decals back to you. If you do not include a pre-paid envelope, the RMV will use the mailing address they  have on file for you.

  • Detach the Application for Renewal portion of the form before putting it in the mail. Only detached forms will be processed and
    non-detached forms will be rejected and returned for improper submission.
  • Please include a check made payable to “Mass DOT”, and sign the check, leaving the dollar value blank.
  • You can bundle your renewals in batches up to 100 renewals. Single or multiple checks may be submitted per bundle.
  • Do Not use staples
  • Mail your RMV-2 Registration Renewal to this address:

Registry of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 55891
Boston, MA  02205

RMV-2 Drop-Off Instructions

If you would like to Drop-off your RMV-2 Form you can go to the Bulk Drop-Off Desk located on the first floor of the Quincy Registry Headquarters which can be found at the following address:

Quincy Headquarters
First Floor Reception
25 Newport Avenue Extension
Quincy, MA  02171

Use the yellow Identifier Form and attach it to the envelope provided at the Drop-Off Desk.

  • Complete all fields on the bundle identifier form and attach it to the top of the envelope provided. Complete two and keep one for pick up time.
  • Enclose all RMV-2 forms and payments inside the envelope. Group RMV-2 Forms into bundles of 100.
  • Include a separate blank check for each RMV-2 bundle (Cash isn’t accepted). (One check per 100 registrations will be accepted)
  • Leave the dollar value of the check blank and make the check payable to “Mass DOT”
  • Do Not use staples.
  • Log your name into the Runner Bundle Intake Log Sheet.

Once completed, you will be contacted with an available pick up time. Along with the processed renewals, will be a photocopy of each completed check.

Processing Time

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation will attempt to keep the processing time as short as possible. Applications are processed in the order that they are received. Bulk renewals should be submitted  by applicants as early as possible.

Any questions regarding the processing of renewals, can be directed to the Mail-In Registration Section of the Registry at 857-368-8040, Monday-Friday between 8 A.M. and 4 P.M.

Application for Renewal (RMV-3) Form

There is no option to mail in the RMV-3 Form. All RMV-3 Forms must be dropped-off.

RMV-3 Drop-Off Instructions

Drop-off locations can be found at RMV B2B Centers in Boston, Haverhill, Milford, Pittsfield, S. Yarmouth, Springfield, Taunton, Wilmington and Worcester.

Go to for Service Center locations.

Same-Day Service-Up to 25 RMV-3 Forms

Place items in self-service bins provided inside the Business to Business Center. (Up to 25 items can be dropped off for same-day service)

Same-Day Service Drop-off times: Monday- Friday, In by 9:30 A.M., out by 1:30 P.M. ; In by 1:30 P.M., out by 4:00 P.M. (items dropped off after designated time will be available for pick up at noon the next day)

Next Day Service-Up to 100 RMV-3 Forms

Up to 100 items can be dropped off for next business day service. Please allow 24 hours for processing.

Bulk Service-Over 100 RMV-3 Forms

Proceed to the Business to Business Center to meet with a customer service agent. Your transaction will be reviewed. (over 100 items can be dropped off. Please allow for up to 3 business days for processing.)

Important Steps to Ensure your Registration Isn’t Returned for Improper Submission

Before submitting your application for renewal, take a moment to verify:

  • Checks are signed and made payable to “Mass DOT” with dollar amount left blank.
  • Checks have a phone number listed on them.
  • All check stubs have been detached.
  • Checks are not folded.
  • All License Plate Numbers are written on checks
  • Renewal application forms are not photocopied.
  • Application requiring proof of insurance are stamped by an authorized Massachusetts agent. (Your McSweeney & Ricci Account Manager can provide you with proof of insurance)
  • All owners have signed the back page of the renewal application(s).
  • Application for Renewal portion of the form is detached. (avoid rejection with this important step)
  • Parking, toll violation, or excise tax releases are included, if applicable.
  • Current tax year Form 2290/Schedule 1 is presented or mailed for vehicles 55,000 lbs or over.
  • There are no staples in any of the forms or documents.
  • Amendments on the Renewal Application are made with pen and not pencil.

The day-to-day operation of your business keeps you very busy. You don’t need the hassle of your applications for renewal of your commercial vehicle registrations to be returned rejected. Each and every vehicle within your fleet is important to your livelihood. To that end, we have shared the DOT’s tips above in an effort to keep your renewal process a smooth one.

You can always contact your McSweeney & Ricci Commercial Lines Account Manager with any questions you may have regarding your registration renewal, or your business insurance program at 1-844-501-1359.


Massachusetts Department of Transportation Memo
October 2018
To: Lease Companies, Commercial Entities and Runners
Subj: New Fleet Renewal Procedures-PLEASE READ



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