Pet Insurance Coverage

Peace of mind to care for your four-legged family member

Our pets are part of the family and as pet parents, we’re committed to helping our pets live long and healthy lives. Pet insurance can help pay for your pet’s unexpected veterinary care, so if your pet has an accident or becomes ill, you’ve got help covering the costs.
McSweeney & Ricci is proud to offer you a 10% discount with Petplan pet insurance. Petplan has been a leading provider of pet insurance for over 35 years.

Why Consider Pet Insurance?

They shower us with love, make sure they are covered in the event of accident or illness, with the best possible pet insurance coverage.

  • img-descriptionPet Medical Insurance helps pay for your pet’s unexpected veterinary care
  • img-descriptionWith McSweeney & Ricci and Petplan, you’ll have financial peace of mind and can follow your vet’s recommended course of treatment
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