Plan for Emerging Cyber Threats in 2019

Plan for Emerging Cyber Threats in 2019

You may be making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, look at your phone less, or get more sleep in the upcoming new year. All great things to work on! Another thing to consider in the New Year, is your safety while online and how to protect yourself and your business against emerging cyber threats.

While no one wants to focus on gloom and doom with the dawn of each new year, it’s important to keep in mind that Cyber crime is a very real and present danger. In fact in 2018, there were more than 600 cybersecurity data breaches, exposing more than 22 million records.  As technology is developed, additional threats emerge. Consumer credit reporting agency, Experian has just released it’s annual Data Breach Industry Forecast which highlights any new threats that consumers should be aware of.

Be Aware of these top emerging Cyber Threats in 2019:

  1. Gamers Beware: Do you have a Fortnite addicted teen at home? A husband who never puts down the game controller? The online game community will be effected by hackers in the New Year. Cyberciminals can pose as gamers and gain access to a players computer or personal data, stealing both credit card information and game credits.
  2. The Cloud will be compromised: The World’s largest companies store information on the Cloud. If a top cloud vendor is breached by hackers, a companies’ sensitive information could be exposed.
  3. Wireless Carriers are at Risk: Think of all the information someone could get if they hacked into your iPhone. If a major wireless carrier is attacked, personal information from billions of people could be stolen.
  4. Skimming from Bank Networks:  You’ve heard of credit card skimmers, which are the devices that criminals use to steal card information and passcodes. Criminals are now targeting bank networks by loading malware into entire computer systems. If a major financial institution is compromised, millions of dollars of losses will result.
  5. Biometric Hacking:  Most people consider Biometric data from Touch Id Sensors, facial recognition and passcodes to be secure methods of authentication, but attackers are developing ways to alter and manipulate this data.

While looking back at this year and planning for the new year ahead, consider adding an identity theft endorsement to your existing homeowners insurance policy. Identity theft can help ensure you’re protected in the event that a cyber criminal steals your personal information. For your business, consider adding data breach to your existing business insurance coverage. Deloitte recently found that only 25 percent of business are planning for a cyber attack or incident. While hackers become more and more skilled at stealing sensitive data, it’s more important than ever to safeguard your business and your livelihood against existing and emerging online threats. McSweeney & Ricci can help protect you, your home, and your family with customized personal insurance solutions, specifically suited to your needs. As business insurance experts, we will recommend only the coverage you need to keep your business protected from loss and to help it grow in the future. Whatever your direction, McSweeney & Ricci is here for you.

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