Prepare your home or business now for the winter months ahead

Now’s the time to prepare your home

and business for Winter

New Englanders know that winter weather sometimes shows up before the calendar marks the official “Winter Solstice.” Nor’easters and blizzards bring strong winds that can break limbs and down trees, as well as heavy snow that can cause damage to roofs and create ice dams. Get started before the first snowfall, preparing your home and business now for the colder winter months ahead.

Below are some basic guidelines to start preparing your property for the winter months:

  • Detach garden hoses and store in shed or garage
  • Replace batteries in all smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors and test them to ensure they are functioning properly
  • Get your furnace and/or heating system (including chimney), cleaned out and inspected by a professional
  • Have a professional roofing company inspect your roof for damages or missing shingles and inspect attic for signs of leaks
  • Check your yard for trees with dead or possible falling limbs and have a professional tree company trim or cut down any limbs or trees that pose a threat
  • Check fuel levels for oil, gas, firewood, etc. and order deliveries if necessary
  • Stock your home with rock salt, sand, roof rake and snow shovels
  • Test and prepare snow blower and/or generator
  • Have gutters cleaned out to ensure they are free from debris and water from melting snow will be able to flow freely through them
  • Monitor storm drains near your home and keep them free from leaves, rocks and branches. Excessive snow melt can cause the ground to become saturated and if storm drains are clogged, flooding can result.

The knowledgeable agents at McSweeney & Ricci are experts in helping clients minimize risk and avoid loss. For more information on ways to protect your home or business, contact us at (844)-501-1359.

Flooding and Sewer Back-up

If melting snow is more than sewer systems can handle, sewage can back up through drains in your home. Sewer back up can cause extensive damage inside your home and a typical homeowners’ policy does not provide coverage for sewer back-up. A flood insurance policy covers floods from overflowing bodies of water or tidal surge and also will not cover sewer back-up. Your McSweeney & Ricci Insurance Account Manager can discuss adding an endorsement to your homeowners or renters policy that will provide coverage for sewer back-up.

Ice Dam Information from McSweeney & Ricci Insurance

Ice Dams

An Ice Dam is an accumulation of ice where your gutter meets your roof. Ice dams are caused when interior heat melts the snow on your roof. Take the following steps to help avoid an ice dam:

  • Keep your attic well ventilated, to keep snow from melting too quickly.
  • Add an extra layer of insulation along the attic floor to minimize the amount of heat rising from within your home and keep your attic cool

We hope you never have to experience a loss, but if your home or business incurs winter-related damage, our in-house claims department is ready to assist you. You can report a loss on our website 24/7 and our experienced Claims team will be by your side each step of the way. While not an exhaustive list, we hope the list of preparedness items above allows you to enjoy a loss-free and peaceful winter season.

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