Protect Your Business with EPLI

Why Your Business Needs EPLI Coverage

Businesses today are increasingly at risk for lawsuits and liability claims arising from employment practices and other related human resource issues such as discrimination and sexual harassment. In fact, it is estimated that three out of five firms will be sued by an employee.Any organization can get sued, including those with solid human resources policies and procedures in place. The cost of defending a claim can be enormous and legal fees alone could exceed $250,000.

The tremendous increase in employment-related litigation during the past several years makes EPLI an essential coverage.

What Is Employment Practices Liability?

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) provides protection for an employer against litigation claims made by employees, former employees, or applicants for employment, thereby protecting your company from the potentially devastating costs of mounting a defense.

EPLI Covers Litigation Involving:

discrimination (age, sex, race, disability)
wrongful termination of employment
sexual harassment
and other employment-related allegations
Who Is Covered By EPLI?:

your organization
including any Directors and Officers
McSweeney & Ricci can provide you with affordable EPLI protection for your business.

For additional information or to add EPLI coverage to your current business policy, please contact your McSweeney & Ricci Account Manager.

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