Registry of Motor Vehicles Registration Decal Shortage


Beginning on April 27th, due to a supply chain issue with the vendor that produces  ‘24’ registration decals for the Registry of Motor Vehicles, there will be a delay in them mailing registrations to customers who renew their registration online or by mail.

Registration and decals that were being mailed in 7-10 business days, may now take up to 20-24 business days for mailing.  

Customers who do not receive the new registration before the current one expires, and have renewed online can print their confirmation email as proof of their renewal.

Law enforcement and inspection stations have been notified of the delay.

Anyone renewing online through the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) will receive the following message on their summary page and on their confirmation email that explains this delay.

“Due to a supply chain issue with our vendor, the mailing of your Certificate of Registration and expiration decal will be delayed. Please expect the Certificate of Registration and Expiration decal to be mailed within 20-24 business days. At the end of this online transaction, you will receive an email confirmation showing your transaction was successful and your registration will be ACTIVE in the RMV system. You can print and carry the confirmation email in your vehicle as proof of renewal, if needed.”

Click here to read the full release from the RMV.

Registry of Motor Vehicles

For any questions or for more information on delays with registrations and decals, please contact the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

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