Renters Insurance in Braintree

Make sure you’re covered for the unexpected

Many renters think they don’t need insurance. But have you considered what would happen if your apartment caught fire and incurred fire, smoke and/or water damage? Although your landlord is insured, without renters insurance, it’s likely your landlord’s policy doesn’t cover your personal property and you’ll have to replace belongings like your laptop, tv, bike, jewelry and furniture. Rental insurance also provides coverage for personal liability in case someone gets injured on your property.

Important Features of Renters Insurance:

Renters insurance provides coverage for what’s inside your apartment if your personal property is damaged, stolen, or destroyed by:

  • img-descriptionFire and Water Damage
  • img-descriptionTheft and Vandalism
  • img-descriptionLiability and Medical Payments

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If an unfortunate event such as a fire or act of vandalism leaves your home or apartment uninhabitable, where would you go? – And how would you afford it? You may need to stay in a hotel or rent a room. Loss of Use provides coverage to those with adequate Renters Insurance in Braintree, Massachusetts. It assists Renters for costs they may accrue during a period of time when they are unable to use their home or apartment.

If you have a guest in your Braintree, Massachusetts home and they have an accident and are injured, you may be liable for the costs of their health care, or other expenses. With a quality renter’s insurance policy, Personal Liability coverage can shield you from these costs.

A fire or break-in can rob you of everything you own. With replacement cost to your Personal Property coverage, this can pay for the cost to replace damaged or stolen televisions, furniture, sound systems, and a vast array of other belongings that make your house or apartment feel like home. When considering Renters Insurance in Braintree, Massachusetts, adequate Personal Property coverage should be a priority.


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