RMV Fee Increases Take Effect July 1st

The new fee structure approved by the Massachusetts Board of Directors will take on Tuesday, July 1st. In March of this year, the Board voted to approve a rate increase for three Registry of Motor Vehicle Division fees.

Those services and their new rates are as follows:
Non-commercial vehicle registration fees for motor vehicles will increase from $50 to $60 dollars. There will be no change to commercial registration fees.
Annual motor vehicle inspections will increase to $35 dollars, up from $29 dollars.

The road test fee, a one-time fee for the majority of drivers, will increase to $35 dollars, up from $20 dollars, with portions of the road test revenue supporting improved customer service for first time drivers.

MassDOT anticipates that the new fees will generate between $55 million to $63 million dollars in additional revenue allowing the Transportation Department to close a projected $55 million dollar budget gap, make customer improvements, as well as invest in the Commonwealth’s transportation system.

“Transportation reform requires a collective approach to improving the Commonwealth’s transportation system,” said Registrar of Motor Vehicles Celia J. Blue in announcement made earlier this year. “The RMV fees collected will support road and bridge projects, improved customer service and allow MassDOT to properly fund its operating expenses.”

The change in fees comes in response to finance legislation passed by the Legislature in 2013 making MassDOT solely responsible for generating its own additional revenue in order to help fund future budgets.

Article written by: Julia Ybarra-posted on Agencychecklists.com-Mass Insurance News-June 29, 2014
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