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Accidents happen. You’re protected by home, auto, and your other insurance coverage, but what if an accident costs more than the limits of your policies? In today’s litigious society, it’s not uncommon for settlements and medical bills after an accident, to cost thousands. Paying out of pocket after a loss can be financially devastating. Financial difficulty after a loss can be prevented with umbrella insurance.

For a low yearly premium, umbrella insurance (sometimes referred to as excess liability), provides coverage for claims that exceed the limits of regular homeowners, auto, or watercraft policy coverage. Umbrella Insurance is more affordable than you may think. A $1 million dollar umbrella policy can cost less than $300 annually.

Your experienced McSweeney & Ricci Account Manager can create an insurance program including umbrella insurance in Marshfield, customized to your unique needs and budget.

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    Consider adding a personal umbrella to your current insurance program.

    Child bending down patting nervous dog umbrella insurance

    An umbrella policy provides higher liability limits of $1,000,000 to $5,000,000, above the limits of your home and auto policies. Also, Umbrella insurance can be applied to other family members in your home, so your spouse, children or parents who live with you, could be protected. For a small annual investment, the peace of mind umbrella coverage provides is definitely worth considering.

    Scenarios that your Umbrella Insurance in Marshfield Could Provide Coverage for include:

    • Your dog reacts to an overly affectionate delivery worker trying to pet them with a cautionary bite. You are sued for medical bills and potential lost wages.
    • A neighbor checks on you during a blizzard and slips on your icy walkway, breaking their leg. You are sued and found liable for their medical bills and lost wages.
    • You post a comment on Facebook that results in someone losing their job. You are sued for Libel.

    McSweeney & Ricci recommends adding an umbrella policy to every homeowner’s insurance program. You never know when an accident is going to happen that you will be held liable for. If you’re deemed legally responsible for bodily injury from an accident you or a young driver on your auto policy caused, medical bills and/or legal fees, a personal umbrella can help prevent financial ruin. Contact your McSweeney & Ricci account manager for more information on protecting your assets and your family’s lifestyle, with personal umbrella insurance in Marshfield.

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