We’re Connected During COVID-19: Focus on Jeannine Urquhart

With the phased plan for re-opening Governor Charlie Baker rolled out on Monday, Massachusetts residents are optimistic and hopeful for a return to a “new normal.” In the meantime, many people continue to telework, some are waiting for the next “phase” to return to work, while some remain laid off. People are missing their family and friends as they continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines. While social distance is necessary for safety reasons, it can lead to feelings of isolation, so it’s important to stay connected in any way possible. It’s a difficult time for many, and knowing that we are all experiencing similar things can help us feel connected to one another.

Does the site of everyone in masks at the supermarket have you feeling like you’ve stepped into an episode of “The Twilight Zone?” Do you love all the extra time with your kids, but are ready to drop them off at their grandparents for a little “Me Time,” as soon as they’ll take them? Can’t wait to sit with friends at your favorite restaurant? Feeling like you’ve gained “The COVID-19” and ready to get your workout in at the gym? Us too! Many of us are feeling the same way!

We’re Connected! Even though we are separated, we’re experiencing similar things. Our “We’re Connected” blog features a different McSweeney & Ricci employee each week, and their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping Connected during this crisis, is one of the ways we will get through this together!

It’s Week Four of our blog and we’re featuring Personal Lines Account Manager, Jeannine Urquhart below!

We're Connected During COVID-19 crisis

 Meet Jeannine Urquhart-

Personal Lines Account Manager, Jeannine Urquhart is one busy lady these days! While McSweeney & Ricci’s offices in Braintree, Cohasset and Marshfield, remain closed, our team is working remotely to assist clients with whatever they need. Jeannine is now working full-time from her home in East Bridgewater, while caring for her two beautiful daughters, Ella and Ava who are 1 and 3 years old. (Did someone say Super Mom?!)

  1. What has been the most challenging thing about working from home during the Corona pandemic? “The most challenging thing has definitely been trying to balance work and caring for my 1 and 3 year old. But I’m so thankful to be able to continue to work. And thankfully we have such wonderful clients who have been so understanding when the occasional baby giggle (or cry) is overheard from the background!”
  2. What has been one thing that has been a positive being at home? “The most challenging thing for me has also been one of the most positive aspects. The quality time I get to spend with my girls is something I’m not taking for granted. Some days are easier than others..but in the end, I’m not missing any moments and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.”
  3. What is one tip that you would give people right now during this challenging time? “I try to start each day with a positive outlook and remind myself that this won’t last forever. We’ll eventually go back to normal and in the meantime, take the time to spend with your family…(and then plan a weekend away with friends to recoup from all of the family time once this is over!)”
Urquhart Family

Jeannine and her family pose for a photo during a “front porch project” photo shoot.

We’re Here For You!

Our offices may be closed as we work on a plan for safely re-opening but #werehereforyou! We continue working remotely and are ready to help you with your insurance needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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