Why Everyone in Your Household Must be Listed on Your Massachusetts Car Insurance

While Massachusetts drivers know they are required to have car insurance, many people have questions about their auto insurance. One of the questions our Account Managers frequently hear is,

“Do other members of my household need to be listed on my car insurance?” The answer is…Yes!

When applying for car insurance it’s important to disclose any drivers in your household. Your McSweeney & Ricci Account Manager will then use that information to determine which drivers should be included or excluded on your policy, and whether or not to rate those drivers.

Here are some different scenarios, and whether or not the household member should be included on your auto insurance policy:

  • My son or daughter lives with me and is a licensed driver: In Massachusetts, if your son or daughter lives with you and is a licensed driver, they MUST be listed and rated on your car insurance policy.
  • My son or daughter lives with me and is 16 but is NOT yet driving: if your son or daughter lives with you but is not yet licensed (even if they have their learners permit), they will not be listed on the policy until they have a license. As soon as they pass the driving test  they must be listed and rated.
  • My son or daughter has moved out of my house but still occasionally drives my car: Once your son or daughter moves out of your home, they should have their own auto insurance policy but, if they still occasionally drive your vehicle, they should be listed on your policy as an occasional driver and can be deferred from your policy so they don’t cost you anything.  They must have a different address on their license to be removed and they must have identifiable auto insurance to be deferred.

In Massachusetts, all household members with drivers licenses are required to be listed on all  car insurance policies in the household even if they don’t  drive your car. How household members get rated or not rated  is something your McSweeney & Ricci account manager can help you clarify.

Why Is It Important to List the Drivers in My Household on my car Insurance?

If you don’t tell your insurance agent  about drivers in your home and they’re in an accident in your car, the claim may be denied, and you could be left paying out of pocket for any repairs or expenses.  In fact, the Massachusetts Auto Policy states, “Your failure to list a household member or any individual who customarily operates your auto may have serious consequences. We will not pay for a collision or limited collision loss for an accident which occurs while your auto is being operated by a household member who is not listed as an operator on your policy.” Therefore, if the person is not a listed driver on your policy, your car insurance can’t protect them or you, in the event of an accident.

If you have questions about listing drivers on your car insurance or any other questions regarding your home insurance or auto insurance, contact your McSweeney & Ricci Account Manager. Your Account Manager will discuss your specific situation with you, advise you on who needs to be listed as a driver on your auto insurance policy, and make further coverage recommendations. Contact your Account Manager at (844) 501-1359 or submit for a complimentary auto insurance quote from our website.

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