Auto Insurance In Braintree


Auto Insurance in Braintree

New Englanders are accustomed to driving in all types of weather and varying road conditions. During winters in Braintree, drivers shovel out buried driveways and endure icy northbound commutes. In Summer months, Massachusetts drivers pack up picnic lunches and beach gear, to withstand high temperatures in southbound Cape traffic. Auto Insurance in Braintree, Massachusetts should have as diverse a selection of coverages as that of the conditions its residents face. Call Us Today At 1-844-501-1359

The right Braintree auto insurance coverage made easy, fast and affordable.

Auto Insurance in Braintree, Massachusetts adheres to the state mandated minimum limit of monetary compensation (coverage) per person and per accident in four categories:

  • img-descriptionBodily Injury to Others,
  • img-descriptionPersonal Injury Protection (PIP),
  • img-descriptionBodily Injury Caused by an Uninsured Auto, and
  • img-descriptionDamage to Someone Else’s Property

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Although base level insurance coverage is often offered at the lowest premium, minimum coverage is not enough to ensure drivers are fully protected.

Comprehensive coverage is not required by the state, but may be of great value to those shopping for Auto Insurance in Braintree, Massachusetts. Comprehensive insurance coverage offers a wide range of choices, including the ability to limit liability created by natural disasters like Nor’ Easters and Blizzards.

McSweeney & Ricci also recommends that drivers purchase Collision coverage. Collision Insurance is not required by the state but helps to make the policy holder whole again by replacing or fixing their vehicle that has been damaged in an accident. From fender-benders to high-speed crashes, Collision coverage can prove a valuable component of your Auto Insurance in Braintree, Massachusetts.

Our goal at McSweeney & Ricci Insurance is always to ensure our clients have the most complete auto insurance protection at competitive prices, while receiving the extraordinary personal service they deserve. Call Us Today At 1-844-501-1359

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