We want to make things easier for you! That’s why we offer in-house Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles services in our office locations in Marshfield and Braintree. Give us a call at (844) 501-1359.

While we can’t process all registry transactions, (for a small fee of $10) we can process the following for both personal and commercial vehicles:

  • New License Plate Issuance  (for personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and trailers)
  • License Plate Transfers
  • License Plate Renewals
  • Cancel or License Plate Returns

We carry a selection of vanity license plates including: Invest in Children, Boston Bruins, New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, and Cape & Islands (selection varies by location).

Our clients love that they don’t have to waste their time, waiting in line at the Registry!

McSweeney & Ricci Insurance Agency sign and in house registry services sign

When you pay a visit to one of our offices, we’ll grab you a freshly brewed cup of coffee and you’ll leave with plates in hand. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re fully protected, you don’t have to waste time at the Registry and you can even grab some of our cool promotional items on your way out. Maybe you could use a cell wallet, a re-usable grocery bag or a mini Frisbee or jump rope for the kids?

For more information on the Massachusetts Registry Services we can provide, give us a call us at 1-844-501-1359.

Skip the DMV! McSweeney & Ricci saved me the hassle of going there. Very friendly service! They were my other half’s agency and they welcomed me in without questions!
Luke A., Canton, Massachusetts