We know that insurance is much more than a policy, is about trust and relationships. Along that vein, we’re starting a fun new Employee Spotlight section for our blog and social media. Our Employee Spotlights will share some personal insight into the staff here at McSweeney & Ricci. In this section, we will be asking lighthearted, fun questions and we hope you’ll find them interesting and entertaining!

Name: Jessica Supitkowsky
Title: Account Manager-Pembroke Office
1) How long have you worked for McSweeney & Ricci? 13 Years
2) What’s your favorite thing about working at M&R? The close relationships I’ve built with fellow employees and some long term clients over the years.
3) Most rewarding experience working here? I think the most rewarding thing is anytime a client reaches out to let me know they feel that I’m doing a good job for them.
I once had a client go out of her way to stop at the office and drop me off a Waterford crystal ring holder when she had heard I got engaged. she said she wanted to take the time to let me know she appreciated me always looking out for her best interest and my hard work on her account. The gesture was so thoughtful and just knowing she felt I was doing a good job for her was so rewarding.
4) What song best describes your life? Currently it would be Beastie Boys-“No Sleep till Brooklyn” (Jessica has two beautiful daughters, Jocelyn-20 months and Avery-7 months)
5) Who’s your favorite Disney character? Simba from the Lion King
6) Do you play an instrument? I am the furthest thing there is from being musically inclined!
7) Who is your Hero? My hero has to be moms in general! Being a new mom I’ve found a whole new appreciation of how hard of a job it can be and how much work it is. I don’t think anyone can truly get it, until you become one. Go Moms!!
8) Would you ever Bungee Jump? Yes, but it would most certainly have to involve a few adult beverages first!
9) What is your favorite sound? The laughter of my two daughters
10) Are you a good cook? I actually am a pretty good cook and I do enjoy it, but I am terrible at baking!
Photography by: Ivana Doria Photography

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