Keep your company running smoothly with an additional layer of protection. Massachusetts Commercial Umbrella Insurance can extend coverage beyond your existing business insurance policies. Call us at (844) 501-1359. 

Even companies that implement cutting-edge employee training and safety measures experience the occasional accident. Auto crashes, distribution of tainted product and other unpredictable events have the potential to financially halt your operation or bankrupt it completely. You have a commercial auto policy and a general liability policy but what if an accident exceeds the limits of those policies?  In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for damages after an accident or loss to exceed the limits of your existing business insurance coverages.  

Massachusetts commercial umbrella insurance or excess liability insurance can help your business successfully rebound from a variety of unfortunate situations. If a customer sues you for $2 million dollars to cover their medical expenses after becoming injured at your store, your general liability insurance may cover the first $1 million – but what about the rest? Massachusetts commercial umbrella insurance can provide these funds so that you don’t have to pay out of pocket. 

Excess liability insurance can cover physical injuries and property damage that your business causes to customers, employees, other businesses and members of the public.  

The following factors will impact the cost of your Massachusetts commercial umbrella policy: 

  • the size of your business 
  • the industry-specific risks you face 
  • the depth and span of coverage 
  • the number of policies you will supplement 

You may be surprised to find out just how affordable Massachusetts commercial umbrella insurance can be. $1 million in coverage can be secured for as little as a few hundred dollars annually. It is important to note that a commercial umbrella only supplements existing policies. As such, these coverages must be in place before adding umbrella coverage. 

For more information about Massachusetts commercial umbrella insurance or excess liability insurance for your business, contact our Commercial Lines Division by calling (844) 510-1359.   

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    Do I need a Massachusetts commercial umbrella insurance policy for my business?

    Commercial Umbrella Insurance

    McSweeney & Ricci Insurance has helped local businesses protect themselves with customized insurance solutions for over half of a century. We recommend all businesses invest in a Massachusetts commercial umbrella insurance policy. 

    The level of risk each business faces varies. Some businesses face large risks such as the risk of customers, employees or other businesses bringing lawsuits. Businesses that are open to the public or those with fleets of vehicles, also face increased risk of injuring someone or someone’s property which could result in a lawsuit or judgement exceeding the limits of a typical general liability policy.  

    Our account managers will ask questions to learn about your business. From there, our team can design and deliver an excess liability insurance policy reflective of the unique risks your business faces as well as your budget.  

    Our experienced commercial insurance professionals are ready to help you keep your business protected with Massachusetts commercial umbrella insurance. Request a complimentary quote from this page or call (844) 501-1359 to get started.