McSweeney & Ricci Employee Spotlight: Leigh Sullivan-Fontneau

We know that insurance is much more than a policy, it’s about trust and relationships. Along that vein, please enjoy our fun Employee Spotlight section for our blog and social media. Our Employee Spotlights will share some personal insight into the staff here at McSweeney & Ricci. In this section, we will be asking lighthearted, fun questions and we hope you’ll find them interesting and entertaining!

Name: Leigh Sullivan-Fontneau
Title: Director of Marketing Communications
1) How long have you worked for McSweeney & Ricci? 16 years in January
2) What is your favorite thing about working here?   I am never bored! My job involves so many different things, that it’s different everyday!
3) Favorite Line from a Movie? “Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage. Just, literally, 20 seconds of just embarrassing bravery.” From one of my favorite movies-We Bought a Zoo
4) What is your favorite flower? Lavender Hydrangea
5) Have you ever cheated on a test? I’m ashamed to say yes. In college we had to take Piano. I’ve tried several instruments and I just can’t read sheet music, my mind just doesn’t work that way! One of the exams we had to play a piece of music for the teacher, and I had written in the letters on the sheet of music. In other words, written the letter next to the notes on the piece to play. When I finished playing it for the teacher, she made me hand in the sheet with the music and saw that I had cheated. I felt awful. Later that day, I called her to apologize and she agreed to give me a C+ only because I had called her. It was the only grade on my college transcript that wasn’t an A! Sorry Dr. Krieling!
6) What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends? I love going to my daughter’s soccer games. As she gets older and becomes a better player, her games are so much more exciting! I love to hang out with my friends too. I’m very blessed to have met some really great friends, where I live in Bridgewater and we all help eachother out and support eachother. I’m very grateful for that! In addition to my lifelong friends from Marshfield!
7) What’s your favorite show? My husband and I love to watch 48 Hours Mystery and Dateline. Although both of us frequently fall asleep in the middle and have to watch it on DVR more than once to actually find out what happened!
8) What’s your favorite animal? Oh god, it’s too hard to pick just one! I am an animal freak and probably should have been a zookeeper or something. Right now we have a dog (Phoenix), a green cheeked conure (Rainbow) and the fattest Guinea Pig you’ll ever see (Rodney). Oh and a wild outside feral cat that I’ve been feeding for 3 years and I’ve now tamed (BooBoo Kitty). If I had the time I would have a million animals!

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