Your Commercial Registration Plates Will Soon Expire


Your Commercial Registration Plates Will Soon Expire!
Each year trailer plates expire on the last day of November and commercial plates expire the last day of December.

Avoid the rush by renewing now. Follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth and easy renewal process:
• To ensure you receive your renewal and sticker back in plenty of time, please start this process as soon as you receive your renewal registration
• Make sure you receive a registration card for all the commercial vehicles you own

Registration Form Reads No Stamp Necessary
• You can renew online using a credit card or e-check. You will be prompted to print a temporary form until your renewal arrives with a sticker
• You can mail the card directly to the registry of motor vehicles
-Be sure to sign the back of each registration
-Include your payment made payable to MASS DOT

Registration Form Reads Requires an Insurance Stamp
• Mail your renewal and payment to our office or bring them into the McSweeney & Ricci office that is most convenient for you
• Sign the back of each renewal card and include a check for the renewal amount payable to MASS DOT
• We will stamp your renewal and forward it to the RMV with your payment
• You can bring the renewal and payment to the registry yourself

*There is a $5.00 processing fee per transaction, for all registrations renewed in our office. Please include a separate check made payable to McSweeney & Ricci for all processing fees.

McSweeney & Ricci Insurance Agency, Inc.

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