Homeowners Insurance in Scituate, Massachusetts


Homeowners Insurance in Scituate, Massachusetts

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Homeowners in Scituate are hardy and resilient. With it’s proximity to the coast, communities like Scituate are faced with Mother Nature’s wrath regularly and have different insurance needs than non-coastal areas. The right amount and type of homeowners insurance can protect you, your home and your belongings from rough weather and unforeseen circumstances. The local insurance professionals at McSweeney & Ricci know the specific needs of Scituate homeowners and will help customize your insurance program.

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Dwelling coverage protects your Scituate home from events like fire and vandalism. Additionally, loss of use coverage can be added to protect you from the costs associated with not being able to live in your home due to unfortunate circumstances. If you lose power in a blizzard, your pipes freeze and you have to move the family to a hotel temporarily, loss of use coverage will take care of the costs above that of which you’d normally spend for a hotel, laundry service, takeout food, etc.

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Personal Property insurance coverage protects you and your family’s belongings within your Scituate home. McSweeney & Ricci recommends insuring your personal property for its replacement cost value rather than actual value. Property depreciates over time, so the longer you own your belongings the less value they hold. Insuring to the replacement cost ensures that you are able to replace your previous purchases at today’s prices.

Liability Insurance is an important component of homeowners insurance that protects against lawsuits and legal penalties associated with someone getting injured on your property. Liability insurance provides Scituate residents with piece of mind, without having to worry about the potential financial risks of an unforeseen lawsuit.

Flood Insurance is an important coverage for coastal communities like Scituate. Blizzards and Nor’easters often bring flooding to areas like Surfside Road and streets surrounding Peggotty Beach. Flood maps and rates for many areas have changed, and flood insurance requirements for your area may also have changed. The McSweeney & Ricci website offers visitors the convenience of being able to map their flood zone and get quotes for flood insurance in seconds.

The local insurance professionals at McSweeney & Ricci insurance will tailor an insurance program suited to your specific needs as a Scituate resident and will select the correct level of coverage for your lifestyle and budget. For comprehensive and competitively priced homeowners insurance in Scituate, Massachusetts call McSweeney & Ricci Insurance today at 1-844-501-1359 or complete the form on this page to contact us via email.

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